I’m the managing director and co-founder of Paper Giant

Paper Giant has been my one and only ‘big project’ for the last 7 years or so. We help organisations deliver better products, services and policy. Find out more about Paper Giant here.

Some of my (much) older projects are here:

PhD: ‘Acts of Design’


I have a PhD in Interaction Design from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. My doctoral research was part of the Circus Oz Living Archive Project.

My research  focussed on the process of making an online digital performance archive, and the subsequent  implications for archive practice, software studies, and interaction design.

If you really want to read it, my PhD dissertation is open access here.

As part of my academic career, I used to teach into the Design Futures studio as part of the Communication Design program at RMIT, and a Service Design subject as part of the Master in Design Innovation & Technology at RMIT’s Spatial Information Architecture Lab.

Over the last 10 years I’ve taught subjects and run studios on service design, interaction design, app design, web development, and design theory at undergraduate and masters level.

Time Flies


Time flies is an iOS app that I created in the early days of the iPhone. It was designed as a kind of ‘anti-todo list’ app: its sole function was to let you know how long it had been since you last did something.

It’s no longer for sale because I wasn’t able to maintain development along with my PhD commitments (though, based on the number of emails I get, loads of people still use it). I’ve left the original web page for it up here.

App a Week


App a week was a series of mini-app projects that I ran for a while when I was teaching myself Objective-C and app development. The aim was to make a functional app each week, and document and reflect on the process on my blog. I only made 3 apps in the end, and the 4th app ended up becoming Time Flies.

Pool UX Redesign


I was heavily involved with the user-experience redesign of the (sadly defunct) ABC Pool, an experimental media sharing platform. The UX redesign was a run by the Australasian CRC for Interaction Design (ACID).

Pool is no longer live, but a functional version is archived here as part of the NLA’s Pandora Project.

Cameras I own


A personal project from a while back: a series of blog posts where I’ve documenting some of my documenting tools.

Flash Development


Approximately an eternity ago, I worked as a front-end flash developer for many different design and advertising agencies. I’ve documented a little of that period of my life here. During that time I developed an open source AS3 Library for integrating WordPress and flash, you can still find it here.

Illustration and Graphic Design


I have very little record or documentation of my former life as a graphic designer and illustrator, in the days before I got into programming and making digital things.

Something that is still floating around is this funny collaboration with Kevin Fanning, from the friendly days of the internet. Another is the album cover designs for my former band, Because of Ghosts, along with the ~300 or so hand drawn covers I made for our Canadian tour.